Facility Expansion, Workflow Changes, and New Machinery Provide Great Benefits to Tyoga Customers

We are excited to announce that we have begun work on a 90,000 ft2 expansion project that will improve product flow through the facility and include several new lines of equipment. Our resulting 250,000 ft2 facility will be a highly efficient state-of-the-art corrugated converting operation.

Facility Expansion Increases Capacity

Supply chain disruptions and higher consumer demand have sent ripple effects through the industry. As a result of the increased demand, box manufacturers have pushed out lead times. What was once a week or two lead time has been pushed out with some manufacturers to four to eight weeks or more for some items.

Demand still remains high, and there is not enough converting capacity to meet demand in a timely manner. This has become a bottleneck in the industry.

Our facility expansion will improve the flow and efficiency, which will increase the throughput of our operations, combined with new machinery.

Improved Workflow Increases Efficiency

In our 50-plus years, we have undertaken twelve expansions, but this is the largest to date. This expansion has allowed us to examine our entire operation and make a revolutionary change. Our facility was set up to run as independent cells, each performing a different operation. While at one time that worked well, as we continued to expand and add more sophisticated equipment that could process multiple operations in one pass, the layout is no longer efficient.

With the new addition, we will restructure the workflow of our facility so that the receiving bays are on one end of the building, jobs flow through the facility, and leave out the shipping docks on the opposite end. This new layout will dramatically increase efficiency and throughput. The expansions and restructuring will allow us to double our current capacity.

New Equipment Increases Capabilities, Improves Quality, and Is Faster

Because of our commitment to providing the best solutions to our customers, it became apparent that we needed to replace some aging equipment. The new equipment has a large range of size capability, is faster, provides improved quality because of tighter tolerances, and has more color capability.

Expansion is a Win-Win

In the current economy, we will be able to take on a lot more volume and decrease lead times. These changes also allow us to be very competitive within our market area. Our customers will see faster lead times, more color capability, and higher quality products.

The project is scheduled to be multiphase, with the first phase completed in the fourth quarter of 2022, and the later phase will come online in the first quarter of 2023.

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