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Trust Tyoga Container for Your Corrugated Packaging Needs

Whether you want your corrugated packaging to be more colorful, lighter, stronger, faster, more cost-effective, or easier to assemble, we provide custom solutions that get the job done. No matter your need, we have decades of experience and can meet your exact specifications.

Our multicolor printing capabilities allow us to print high-quality graphics, while our state-of-the-art equipment delivers the cleanest cuts and the neatest folds in the industry. Additionally, our fast and flexible factories are optimized for fast SKU changes and short lead times. Learn more about our offerings below, or reach out to our team with questions.


Multicolor Direct and Lithographic Printed Corrugated Packaging

Our exceptional printing solutions allow you to achieve bright, gleaming graphics that grab attention, while effectively protecting your goods. We can print up to four colors, creating custom, attention-grabbing detail. Whether you’re looking for custom boxes, retail displays, or another solution, we can create a high-quality option for your organization.

Regular Slotted Cartons (RSCs)

As the most common and efficient corrugated packaging design, RSCs are perfect for most products. Our RSCs don’t require cutting dies and can be customized to fit whatever size you need. They also offer a flexible design that allows room for additional protection and padding.

Rotary and Flatbed Die Cutting

Our die cutting fabrication process cuts unique, precise shapes from a variety of materials, providing you with the perfect design for your product. With either snap-lock or glued styles available, along with unique die cut enclosures, we can create the best product for your application.

Specialty Gluing

Our facilities can accommodate automatic set-up trays and auto-lock bottom cartons to suit your needs. We can also complete other specialty gluing operations to streamline your operations.

Large and Bulk Corrugated Packaging

Our highly skilled team can create corrugated packaging that holds up to your large and bulk packaging needs. These solutions allow adequate protection for large or bulky items, higher quantity shipping, and cost savings.

Inner Packaging

Our inner packaging solutions — die cuts, partitions, pads, and fillers — provide the perfect product protection, reducing damage and customer returns. With endless size capabilities and specific production customization, we can create the perfect solution for your needs.

Fully Integrated Services

We offer fully integrated services, including custom design, product assembly, and set up. With our industry-leading design software, we can design pallets, corrugated packaging, and unit loads.

Specialty Coatings

We offer a wide range of specialty coatings to help protect your products during shipment.