Rotary and Flatbed Die Cutting

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Protect Your Products with Die Cuts

At Tyoga Container, we offer rotary and flatbed die cutting services to add an extra layer of protection to your packaging. We use die cuts to make custom boxes and special packaging to hold your product in place during shipping. In each case, the packaging is formed specifically to your product, increasing protection and reducing the need for secondary packaging materials. 

We offer unique die cut enclosures and snap-lock or glued styles, depending on your need. Combined with our exceptional printing technology, these high-quality and well-designed boxes offer high customization for specific product requirements. Learn more about die cut applications below or contact our team with questions.

die cuts

Applications for Die Cuts

Retail Packaging

Subscription boxes, point of sale displays, and business to consumer boxes can all use die cuts to elevate the customer experience. Die cut boxes and point of sale displays help distinguish your brand from others and increase brand awareness. Additionally, using die cut inserts inside your boxes ensure your product arrives unscathed and looks fantastic upon opening.

E-commerce Packaging

Our die cut boxes and inserts enhance the customer experience and ensure your e-commerce packaging effectively protects your products during transit, no matter how far the journey.

Why Trust Tyoga Container with Your Packaging?

We have more than half a century of experience in the corrugated packaging space, making us the ideal choice for your packaging needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure our high-quality packaging meets their specifications and adequately protects their products. We always look for ways to remove complexity and speedily provide products to our customers. Our people go above and beyond to be knowledgeable, friendly, and always accessible. Our commitment is to go beyond your expectations. Ready to discuss your die cut needs? Get in touch with us here.