Large and Bulk Corrugated Boxes

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Simplify Your Supply Chain and Protect Your Merchandise with Corrugated Boxes

Large and bulk corrugated boxes are critical to your supply chain because they are commonly used to transport raw or finished goods. While they may not be as showy as retail packaging boxes, they’re instrumental in getting your products from Point A to Point B.

Your packaging needs will likely change depending on what kind of product you’re shipping. At Tyoga Container, we can help you decide which bulk packaging is best for your business, then design and manufacture your chosen solution.

Advantages of Large and Bulk Corrugated Boxes

Excellent Protection Properties

Large and bulk containers provide fantastic protection for your products, no matter the industry. You’ll often find them used in the automotive, machining, electronics, food, and apparel sectors, among others.

Sustainable Solution

Corrugated packaging is a sustainable option for your packaging. Fibers from corrugated packaging can be recycled up to 25 times, making it a great option for companies that want to keep their carbon footprint small.

Supply Chain Simplification

Large and bulk corrugated boxes allow you to package more products together, simplifying your supply chain and resulting in significant cost savings.

Work with Tyoga Container for Your Large and Bulk Corrugated Box Needs

For over half a century, we’ve been committed to going above and beyond our customers’ expectations. We’ll work with you to design and manufacture the right solution for your unique problem. Our family-owned business looks for ways to diminish complexity in your supply chain, making the process as easy as possible. Our experienced professionals are knowledgeable, friendly, and always accessible, ensuring you get the highest quality of care and attention.
We’d love to help find a solution for your packaging needs. Schedule a meeting with one of our helpful team members today.