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Expertly Protect Your Products with Custom Internal Packaging

Internal packaging — including die cuts, partitions, pads, and fillers — prevents shifting during transit, ensuring your products arrive safely and reducing the risk of customer returns. Our manufacturing facility makes various inner packaging solutions with endless size capabilities to fit your specific needs.  Learn more about our integrated packaging solutions below or contact our team with questions.

In addition to protecting your products, internal packaging is a great way to separate them inside the box. If your customer’s order involves multiple products, creating separation with partitions drastically increases their experience. Our experts at Tyoga Container can help you decide which internal packaging solution is right for you. 

Common Internal Packaging Solutions

Die Cuts

Our rotary and die cutting services can manufacture inner packaging to hold your items in place during transit. These services can also be used to create custom boxes that are fitted to your product.


Fillers are a great option if your product doesn’t snugly fit inside your chosen box. These fillers take up empty space inside the box, reducing the risk for damage during shipping.


Partitions are a common solution for breakables like glasses, dishes, wine bottles, and other fragile items. These partitions keep your product in place and reduce the risk of breakage during transit.


Packaging pads support your products from below or lock them into place from above. Our pads are custom-fitted to your box to ensure your products arrive safely.

Trust Tyoga Container with Your Packaging Needs

At Tyoga Container, we strive to provide you with the highest-quality products for your specific needs. We’ve been designing and manufacturing corrugated solutions for more than 50 years; we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with an array of solutions, no matter your challenge.