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Expand Your Brand’s Reach with Custom Influencer Boxes

Influencer marketing has quickly become a staple in the digital space — its market share surpassing $16.4 billion worldwide. With that much opportunity on the line, you need to ensure your custom influencer boxes stand out against your competitors. That’s where Tyoga Container comes in. We have decades of experience in creating custom-printed boxes designed to capture attention and delight customers. Learn more about our capabilities below or reach out to our team with questions.

custom influencer boxes

Grab Attention with High-Quality Graphics

Using custom graphics is one of the easiest ways to grab attention throughout the entire supply chain. Our exceptional multicolor direct printing and lithographic printing options help you achieve bright, eye-catching graphics. We can print up to four of your chosen colors on your custom influencer boxes.

Keep Products Safe with Die Cuts and Inner Packaging

Our die cut capabilities are positioned to create boxes that fit your product, cutting back on excess secondary packaging materials and protecting your goods. Should you need them, we also have inserts, partitions, pads, and fillers to help eliminate product damage and reduce customer returns.

Choose Tyoga Container to Create Your Custom Influencer Boxes

With decades of experience and manufacturing facilities that are optimized for short lead times, we’re the best choice to create your custom influencer boxes. We can create packaging that’s colorful, light, strong, easy to assemble, and cost effective.

We always look for ways to say yes to you and no to complexity, making it easy and enjoyable to do business with us. Additionally, our employees go above and beyond to be knowledgeable, friendly, and always accessible. Our commitment is to go beyond your expectations, meeting our promises with the knowledge and ease you expect of a family-owned company that’s been around for over half a century.

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