What is E-commerce Packaging?

what is ecommerce packagingE-Commerce Packaging: A Cost-Effective Way to Delight Your Customers

What if there was an inexpensive way to get customers to remember your brand? What if there was a cost-effective way to get them to emotionally connect with your business? Well, there actually already is. Customized e-commerce packaging is the best way to delight your customers and keep them coming back for more. So, what is e-commerce packaging and how does it garner these results? Let’s dive in.

E-Commerce Packaging vs. Retail Packaging: What’s the Difference?

Before we discuss the benefits of e-commerce packaging, we need to distinguish it from retail packaging. While the two are similar, there are some major differences. Knowing the difference can help you save money and provide a better experience for your customers.

E-commerce packaging is used to transport products from the warehouse to the consumer. When you order from a business’ website, for example, they usually have branded boxes that show up at your door. These packages go beyond the typical, boring brown box. They’re usually colored and feature the logo and taglines of the company. The inside might also be printed with a fun background or text to get the consumers’ attention.

Retail packaging is a bit different. It’s the display packaging a product is housed in when it’s ready for sale in a retail store. It’s often shipped to these stores in bulk, whereas e-commerce packaging usually ships a few items at a time.

Benefits of Creating Great E-Commerce Packaging

The point of e-commerce packaging is to grab consumer attention and make a long-lasting impression on your audience. But, how well does it do these things? Is it worth it to spend time and money designing custom packaging? Check out these stats:

Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

A clear majority (72%) of consumers agree that the packaging of a product influences their buying decisions. What’s more, 50% of consumers would recommend your products to others if it comes in gift-like or branded packaging. Why would you settle for a plain brown box when you could get extra sales with branded e-commerce packaging?

Generate Positive Social Media Buzz

Did you know that 40% of consumers will post a picture of your package on social media if it’s unique or branded? You might even be featured in an unboxing video — a trend that’s becoming more popular. In fact, 35% of consumers report viewing unboxing videos. Of that percentage, 55% were convinced to buy the product after watching those videos.

E-commerce packaging is a great way to get free advertising. With more people turning to influencers for product recommendations, neglecting your packaging is something you can’t afford.

Greater Value Perception

We’ve already established that product packaging influences consumer buying decisions. But by how much? Higher-end packaging can actually make consumers feel like the product is more luxurious than it actually is. In a study done by the University of Wisconsin, high-end packaging led consumers to pay 30% more for the same item. Therefore, spending a few extra dollars on your packaging can strengthen your bottom line.

How to Create Exceptional E-Commerce Packaging

Now that we’ve gone over the benefits of creating e-commerce packaging, one question remains. How do you make this kind of packaging? There are a few things to keep in mind before setting out on your journey.

Know Your Products

It may sound simple, but understanding your products is the first step towards creating exceptional e-commerce packaging. The weight, dimensions, and fragility of your product will affect the type of packaging you use. You may even have to put additional packaging inside the container to adequately protect your product. Before you move on to the next step, you must understand the limitations your products may present.

Understand Your Audience

You also need to understand your target audience’s preferences and expectations. The design of the package must speak to the consumer, otherwise they won’t connect with your brand. If your product is aimed at women aged 18-34, the packaging design should reflect that. It will be very different from a product aimed at men aged 65 and older.

Choose an Appropriate Packaging Material

After you’ve clearly defined your audience and packaging parameters, it’s time to choose a packaging material. You should select sturdy materials for the outer packaging — a great option is corrugated board. It’s a lightweight, renewable material that offers a range of benefits to e-commerce businesses.

You may also consider adding materials to the inside of your packaging. Many businesses opt to add internal die cuts to keep products in place during shipment. This involves cutting a product-sized hole into a piece of corrugated, which firmly holds the product in place and prevents it from becoming damaged.

Focus on Functionality and Practicality

Today’s consumers will pay more for convenience, meaning it needs to be at the forefront of your design. Ensure the packaging is easy to open and reseal. Additionally, it’s best to minimize excess materials while still maintaining protection.

Work with an Experienced Packaging Provider

The best way to ensure quality e-commerce packaging is to work with an experienced packaging provider. They can help guide you through the complex process of making the most protective, attractive packaging possible. So, where do you start? Look no further than Tyoga Container.

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