Tyoga Container Expansion: Updates from a Top Custom Corrugated Box Manufacturer

Expanding Our Capabilities to Better Serve Our Customers

Our new site expansion is almost complete! We broke ground on the project back in October 2021, after we realized we needed to restructure to keep up with growing demand. Now, that expansion is in its final stages and should be completed by June 2024. We’re immensely proud of this project, as it will help us expand our capacity and increase efficiency. Our goal is to be the best custom corrugated box manufacturer possible, and this project only underlines that commitment. Let’s dive into the expansion and what it means for our customers.

New Machinery and Optimized Space Results in Greater Efficiency

The site expansion focused on two things: installing new machinery and expanding our capacity. With a bigger space and state-of-the-art machines, we can better meet our customer demands. The new machines give us the ability to create more packaging features, and the increased production area allows us to more easily deal with demand fluctuations.

We added the following machines to our site:

  • Baysek Flat Bed Die Cutter: This vacuum stacking machine helps us better serve customers who need clean and well-stacked die-cut sheets that are ready for immediate packaging.
  • 28” and 38” Macarbox Four-Color Print Flexo Folder Gluer: Both of these machines allow us to service a market for smaller RSCs that many custom corrugated box manufacturers have moved away from.
  • 66” Macarbox Rotary Die Cutter: With this machine, we can achieve inside/outside printing in a single pass, which increases our efficiency. It also allows us to make even larger die cuts.
  • Magellan Large Format Box Maker: This machine allows us to more effectively make large format boxes — like gaylords — with single print capability.

Want to learn more about some of our new machinery? Check out this video.

With these high-tech machines at our disposal, we can quickly meet a variety of challenging packaging needs. Many of these machines are also equipped with automation technology, which further increases our efficiency during the packaging creation process.

What’s more, we completely reorganized our facility for higher levels of productivity. A significant portion of the expansion was moving our equipment in line with the conveyor. Now, we can bring raw materials into our docks on one side of the facility, then ship out the material on the other side. This is a major win for our customers, as it increases our efficiency and allows for greater automation. Additionally, it increases our ability for just-in-time manufacturing, which reduces costs and speeds up product delivery.

How This Expansion Affects Our Workforce

With the new machinery and optimized space, we’ve roughly doubled our plant’s capacity. As we fill this capacity, we could easily add an additional shift. We’ve already started hiring, and we can’t wait to expand our team. We’ve also started training our existing employees on the new machinery, so they can hit the ground running once the new expansion has been completed.

In the meantime, we’ve added two new positions to ensure product quality during increased production. We now have a quality manager and a continuous improvement position to ensure we maintain and improve our quality moving forward.

What’s Next for Us

Our goal is to become the best custom corrugated box manufacturer we can be. Eventually, we hope to expand our distribution center to further serve our customers. Until then, we’ll keep serving our customers from the initial packaging design to the final shipment.

Have Questions?

Do you have questions about our new site expansion? Our team is happy to answer them. Reach out to us today.