Stand Out in the Digital Marketplace: Custom E-commerce Packaging Strategies

How Custom E-commerce Packaging Helps You Make More Sales

As the only physical point of contact that shoppers have with your brand, your e-commerce packaging must pack a punch. It must make a great impression that establishes trust and positions your business as a leader in the industry. No pressure, right? The great news is that it’s never been easier to make packaging that adequately protects your products, makes a great impression, and encourages consumers to make another purchase. Use the strategies below to both optimize your packaging and skyrocket sales.

Strategies to Help Your Brand Stand Out

Invest in Custom E-commerce Packaging

Custom printed packaging is an ideal way to increase brand awareness and enhance the customer experience. Plain, boring brown boxes won’t wow your customers, which means they might not come back for more from your brand. The good news? It’s never been easier to customize your packaging with your logo, brand colors, messaging, and more. This unique packaging catches the attention of everyone throughout the supply chain, which is a great way to boost brand awareness for your organization. Not to mention, wow-worthy packaging often ends up online in unboxing videos and social media posts, which further increases brand awareness.

Custom packaging offers other benefits for your business, as well. Bespoke corrugated packaging materials fit your product exactly, which heightens the protective qualities. Additionally, you’ll save money on shipping costs when the box exactly fits your product.

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Create Custom Marketing Inserts

Delighting your customers is not just a goal; it’s a strategic advantage. Personalization is key, with 78% of consumers likely to make repeat purchases and recommend companies that use personalization. Inserting custom marketing materials that speak directly to your audience can create a connection that goes beyond the product itself. Here are a few examples of easy inserts you can include in your packages:

  • Personalized thank-you cards: A personalized thank-you card expressing gratitude for the customer’s purchase adds a human touch to the transaction. You can also include a discount code for their next purchase to encourage repeat business.
  • Exclusive promotions or coupons: Including time-sensitive coupons can create a sense of urgency and drive immediate engagement.
  • Branded stickers or decals: Add branded stickers or decals that customers can use to personalize their belongings. This not only reinforces your brand identity but also provides a tangible item that reminds consumers about your business.

Add Custom Die Cuts

The journey from your warehouse to the customer’s doorstep is a critical one, and custom die cuts play a pivotal role. Using die cuts inside your packaging keeps the product in place during shipment, which protects against damage. Beyond protection, die cuts also contribute to sustainability efforts by minimizing the need for excessive additional packaging. It’s a win-win strategy that safeguards your products and reduces costs simultaneously.

Showcase Your Commitment to Sustainability

More consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, and they’re asking businesses to make sustainable changes. Opting for custom e-commerce packaging crafted from corrugated material not only addresses this growing consumer desire but also cultivates a more profound connection with your audience.

Unlike plastic packaging alternatives, corrugated packaging is made from renewable materials. Almost all corrugated boxes are made from material sourced from programs such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Forest Stewardship Council, and the American Tree Farm System. But the real beauty of corrugated packaging lies in its recyclability. Corrugated can undergo multiple recycling cycles before its fibers become too short for further use. This is a stark contrast to most plastic packaging, which is often discarded after a single use, contributing to landfill overflow.

When you choose to use corrugated packaging, you and your consumers will know that it comes from sustainable materials, unlike plastic packaging options. If you work with an FSC-certified packaging manufacturer, you can use the FSC logo on your packaging, which signals to consumers that you care about the environment. That small touch can go a long way towards establishing brand loyalty.

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