4 Benefits of Updating Your Custom Food and Beverage Packaging

Does your corrugated food and beverage packaging need a refresh? Keeping your packaging up-to-date can have a variety of benefits, including building brand awareness and reducing your shipping costs. Let’s explore the advantages of updating your custom food and beverage packaging.

Ensure Product Safety During Transit

In addition to being one of the most versatile, cost-effective, and sustainable types of packaging on the market, corrugated is also an extremely strong material. It’s the perfect way to protect all kinds of food and beverages, from featherlight marshmallows to heavy cases of beer or canned foods.

When was the last time you evaluated the effectiveness of your custom food and beverage packaging? Tweaking your packaging design could reduce the weight of your packaging and help it better stand up to the elements. You may consider using another kind of flute to fully maximize your packaging’s protective capabilities.

Easily Inform Customers and Build Brand Awareness

It’s extremely easy to print eye-catching, colorful graphics on corrugated cardboard, which may help to boost your bottom line. Additionally, you can print important information about ingredients, allergens, and nutritional value right on the packaging.

Have you evaluated your graphic design recently? Is it in line with current packaging trends? Partnering with an experienced corrugated manufacturer can help you determine if your design could be more eye-catching and bring in a higher ROI.

Prioritize Sustainability

Corrugated packaging is one of the most sustainable packaging options on the market today. With more consumers looking for sustainable products, this could be your opportunity to pull ahead of your competition.

Does your packaging contain any verbiage about where your materials are sourced, their recyclable properties, or another kind of sustainability practice? Perhaps your company does something amazing to help the environment that doesn’t include packaging manufacturing. Adding this information to your packaging is cost-effective and can help increase your bottom line.

Reduce Your Shipping Costs

When you use standard, pre-made packaging, you’ll rarely find an option that matches your product’s size or shape exactly. Because of this, you’ll end up paying for the extra weight caused by unnecessary packaging. You’ll also pay more for void fillers or other internal packaging.

Is your custom food and beverage packaging made to fit your product’s exact dimensions? Working with an experienced packaging manufacturer can help you determine where your packaging could improve to help you save on transportation and logistics costs.

Work with Tyoga Container for Your Custom Food and Beverage Packaging Needs

For over 50 years, Tyoga Container has been solving even the toughest packaging challenges. Whether you’re looking for corrugated packaging, bulk bags, transit protection, pallets and crates, or another type of packaging solution, we’ve got you covered.

Our facilities employ state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced team, which allows us to go beyond the basics to meet the most challenging needs. Our dedicated team will work with you to understand what you need, and match you with the best custom solution to streamline your operations.

We’ve always prioritized quality and the best customer service, which makes it enjoyable to do business with us. Our team always looks for ways to say yes to you and no to complexity, facilitating cost-efficiency and shorter lead times. In fact, our fast and flexible factories are optimized for fast SKU changes and short lead times, which helps your speed-to-market capabilities.

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