Beverage Manufacturer Case Study Transit Protection

Tyoga’s Industry Experience Saves Beverage Company $300,000

Minimizing load damage and maximizing load efficiency while complying with transportation regulations is critical for seeing the best return on investment.

For most manufacturers, transportation protection is not a core competency, and they are left to put their trust in their dunnage supplier. Letting another set of eyes take a look can really pay off as it did for one beverage manufacturer.

A Challenging Break Through

Tyoga had reached out to a large beverage manufacturer on multiple occasions but couldn’t gain any traction moving them through the sales process. The beverage company had been with their current corrugated dunnage supplier for nearly two decades and were happy with them. It wasn’t until Tyoga offered to look for potential cost savings in their corrugated dunnage and loading practices did the company agree to meet.

Looking for Potential Savings

The Tyoga team visited their distribution center to audit the operations and loading practices. They looked at the current product they used in their loads and spent some time talking to them about their needs.

The beverage company was using a standard Corr design for corrugated drop- down dunnage. Corrugated drop-down dunnage, which is used to prevent a load from shifting during transport, comes in a standard Corr design and a Corr 2 design. Corr 2 is lighter duty and more economical void filler, but with a well- packed, stretch filmed, square unit, it can be used for intermodal shipping.

Unfortunately, the company’s current supplier told them that they were required to use the load design and standard corr dunnage they had provided for intermodal shipping. Tyoga knew the information was incorrect, but the beverage company needed approval before agreeing to trial the new dunnage. They feared if there were damage to the load, it wouldn’t be covered by the shipping line.

Tyoga’s transit protection experts are well versed in intermodal requirements and have connections in the industry. They reached out to the railroad, and within one day, they secured formal approval to use the dunnage.

They trialed the fillers in their operations at one location, and it was successful. Over time, Tyoga picked up more of their locations and are now supplying dunnage to the beverage manufacturer’s distribution centers on the whole east coast. As a value-added service, Tyoga’s team went into the facilities to train their staff on proper loading practices to ensure the employees are up to date on securing their beverage loads properly.


The results from changing the dunnage were significant. The beverage company has seen a 35 percent reduction in costs, which resulted in a $300,000 cost reduction annually.

Why Tyoga

  • You will minimize freight damage, increase load efficiency and see a better Return on Investments.
  • Your specific application design is backed by over 50 years of Tyoga Team know- how.
  • No matter the mode of transportation, you have access to the industry’s broadest assortments of containment turnkey systems.
  • We are your partner for troubleshooting to resolve load issues with prompt and personal service.
  • Our expertise becomes yours, with custom, on-site instruction, and Training based on best practices.