Press Release: Tyoga Container Hosts Groundbreaking Event for Expansion Project

Tyoga Container Inc.
9 Fish St.
Tioga, Pa 16946
(570) 835-5296

Tioga, Pa (October 6, 2021)- Tyoga Container hosts Groundbreaking event at facility located in Tioga, Pa. Tyoga Container was originally established in 1970 as a family-owned business. Tyoga Container is a closely held corporation located in Tioga, Pennsylvania that operates a corrugated box manufacturing plant, load securement and dunnage operations, wholesale packaging supplies, bulk bags, and contract manufacturer of pallets.

Over the past several months leadership from Tyoga Container has been working with local legislators to map out a course for business expansion. According to Tyoga Container Inc. President Charlie Frysinger, “Overall plant layout, space limitations and aging equipment combined with a need for increased efficiency in overall plant flow has limited our ability to reach operational goals. As a result of the $11 million investment in 2018 in state-of-the-art equipment within our corrugated division and our increasing demand for higher daily production rates, internal restraints currently limit our ability to meet the demands of our current and prospective clients. With a capital investment Tyoga Container Inc. will be able to improve production efficiencies, flow of production, inventory control, and delivery schedule across all divisions while improving overall operations. We will be installing four new high-speed state of the art equipment lines to help us meet market demands from our customers. This is a very exciting project for our customers, partners, and community in which we are a part of and will continue to be a part of for many years.”

Attending this event were several local legislators including Tioga County Commissioners Erick Coolidge and Mark Hamilton along with several members from the original Tioga Area Growth Committee formed in 1970 when Tyoga Container Inc. was formed. According to Tyoga Container Inc. Executive Vice President Chris Morral, “This is the 13th expansion project in the history of the company and by far the largest project in the history of the company. With the completion of this project, Tyoga Container Inc. will be positioned to preserve employment for 150 plus employees while adding 40 additional jobs within Tioga County, Pa. This project will add 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space along with a 14,000 square feet office expansion. In total we will exceed 220,000 square feet at this location. This is an exciting time for our company and for the Borough of Tioga and surrounding communities. When considering all options for this project our team made decisions on what was in the best interest of meeting our customers’ needs both now and in the future. We want to position Tyoga Container Inc. to thrive moving forward.”