The Complete Guide to Retail Ready Packaging

What is Retail Ready Packaging?

Retail ready packaging has become a necessity in the retail industry, with many retailers requiring businesses to comply with their retail ready packaging guidelines. But, what exactly is this kind of packaging style? The answer is fairly simple.

When you think of “regular packaging,” you might imagine a primary box, which is put inside another box for shipping. Retail ready packaging is different because it eliminates the second box. It serves as both the product packaging and shipping packaging, all in one.

So, do you need to invest in retail ready packaging? Most likely, yes. As mentioned above, many massive retailers will require you to have this kind of packaging before they carry your product in their stores. It cuts down on their labor costs, which puts more money in the retailer’s pocket. But, it can also benefit your consumers and your brand, as well. Let’s dive into the specifics.

Types of Retail Ready Packaging

Before we talk about the benefits of and guidelines for retail ready packaging, let’s talk about the types. You’ll typically see three different options when it comes to this kind of packaging.

Shelf Trays

Shelf trays are pre-filled with product and sit directly on the retail shelf. It’s normally covered with corrugated material during transit, which is removed when it’s put on the shelf.

Reusable Plastic Trays

These trays may be reused by the retailer or sent back to the supplier for additional use. They will typically be more expensive than the corrugated material commonly used for shelf trays.

Merchandising Units

Merchandising units are free standing display units that you’ll likely see near cash registers and other high traffic areas. These are most commonly made out of cost-effective corrugated material.

Benefits of Retail Ready Packaging

As mentioned above, retail ready packaging guidelines are put into place to eliminate labor costs and increase the ROI of major retailers. However, these guidelines can also benefit your business and your consumers.

Diminishes Waste

When you follow retail ready packaging guidelines, you’ll end up with less packaging waste. You don’t need to encapsulate your product in secondary packaging, which eliminates unnecessary corrugated material. With more consumers looking for brands to increase their sustainability practices, this could be a great opportunity to showcase your eco-friendliness.

Saves Time and Money

Instead of designing a primary packaging box and a secondary packaging solution, you’ll just have to create one. This can save you time in the long run and cut down on your packaging costs.

Improves Product Appearance

Your product will grab more attention when it’s displayed professionally. Making it easier for retail workers to quickly stock your product will result in a polished look that can entice more customers.

Customers Can Identify from a Distance

Retail ready packaging makes it easier for customers to recognize your brand — even from far away. Grabbing their attention in this manner could result in more sales for your business.

Retail Ready Packaging Guidelines

Now that we’ve outlined the types of packaging and their benefits, let’s dive into the retail ready guidelines you’ll have to follow.

Easy to Identify

Your packaging must be easy to identify when it’s waiting to be shelved. This helps the store employees identify the product, which streamlines the process of moving it to the floor.

Easy to Open and Replenish

Store employees must be able to easily open your retail ready packaging and quickly replenish the products on the floor. Individually moving many products onto the shelf is time-consuming and not as efficient for store payroll.

Easy to Shop

Your packaging must not just benefit the retailer, it must benefit the consumer, as well. Your packaging should include product details, pricing, and any additional marketing information.

Easy to Remove or Recycle

Once the retail ready packaging has sold through, it needs to be easy to remove so the next unit can be installed quickly. Your packaging should communicate whether it should be thrown out, recycled, or returned to the supplier.

Work with Tyoga Container for Your Retail Ready Packaging

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