Protect Your Product with Custom Wine Packaging

Wine bottles require unique packaging to protect them from outside elements and preserve the product’s taste. A custom wine packaging solution is the best way to ensure your wine arrives safely. But, with so many options on the market, how do you know what’s best for your operation? Let’s dive in.

Custom Wine Packaging Options

The two most popular options for wine packaging include corrugated and wooden boxes. Many high-end wineries will opt for wooden boxes due to their durability, but the manufacturing and shipping costs can add up quickly. Corrugated boxes offer similar protection capabilities to their wooden counterparts, and offer more advantages.

We recommend using corrugated packaging for your wine bottles, as it provides a wealth of advantages. Not only does it offer amazing protection during the shipping process, it can help you save on transportation costs and is more environmentally friendly than other options. Here, we’ll go in-depth on the advantages and help you determine if corrugated boxes are the right choice for your business.

Advantages of Corrugated Wine Packaging

Great Protection Capabilities

Corrugated packaging acts as a strong layer of protection for your wine, as it’s a rigid and shock-absorbing material. Corrugated’s double-wall construction also provides extra insulation properties, helping to protect your product against extreme temperatures.

It’s common to individually wrap bottles to provide extra protection during the shipping process. For added safety, you can add corrugated die cuts or custom wine sleeves to ensure your product arrives intact.

Create Custom Designs that Enhance Brand Awareness

When you choose corrugated material for your packaging, you can easily print custom, attention-grabbing graphics. With flexographic or lithographic printing technology, you can cost-effectively print gleaming graphics that will improve the customer experience and increase brand awareness among everyone throughout the supply chain.

Save on Transportation and Manufacturing Costs

Custom wine packaging can be fitted to your bottles, which means you won’t pay for unnecessary weight during shipment. A custom box can also reduce the amount of dunnage you’ll use, decreasing or completely eliminating that cost.

Additionally, corrugated boxes are one of the most cost-effective packaging materials on the market today. Compared to wooden box options, you’ll save a lot of money on manufacturing costs over time.


More consumers are looking for companies to enhance their sustainability practices, making corrugated packaging a no-brainer. Not only is corrugated material a renewable resource, much of it comes from sustainably managed forests. Additionally, it’s easily recyclable, reducing the amount of waste your business produces.

Work with Tyoga Container for Your Custom Wine Packaging

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With our multi-color direct printing and die-cut technology, we can create custom, lightweight, and cost-effective packaging with eye-catching graphics. Our highly experienced team will help you determine the right design for your needs and quickly get it into production. Our employees go out of their way to be knowledgeable, friendly, and always accessible, making it enjoyable to do business with us.

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