Is a Load Securement Analysis Right for You?

A load securement analysis might be right for you if your loads are shifting during transport, you are experiencing damaged products, or you aren’t sure that you are meeting securement requirements. Load securement isn’t just about protecting your cargo; it’s the law!

For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) cargo securement rules found at 49 CFR 393 Subpart I are federal regulations for the protection against shifting and falling cargo. These regulations contain minimum performance criteria for securement devices, specific standards those devices must comply with, general requirements for securing articles of cargo, and additional technical information. Other regulations must be adhered to as well.

Benefits of a Load Securement Analysis?

Working with experts in cargo securement will ensure you are meeting all federal and state requirements as well as reduce your risks and liability associated with shifting cargo. In addition, companies often don’t know that there are more efficient and cost-effective methods for cargo securement that meet requirements. A load securement analysis can save you money! Tyoga has worked with countless companies providing load securement plans. In one case, a distribution center saved over $300,000!

What is involved?

Once we both agree to do an analysis, there are several steps involved:

  1. Define the Issues
    We will collaborate with you to understand what issues you are experiencing (e.g., product damage, load shifting, ensuring compliance, or looking for cost savings).
  2. Data Collection and Analysis
    We will evaluate your product and packaging specs and how you load, secure, and transport them. In addition, when possible, we will visit your facility to audit your operations and loading practices. This allows us to see any inefficiencies in the process, check the load for voids, and determine if there is any possibility of movement.
  3. Provide Loading Plan and Training
    Once our analysis is complete, we will discuss our findings with you. We will also provide you with a proposed loading plan, which visually depicts how the trailer or container should be loaded and the placement of dunnage.
    Our assistance doesn’t stop there. In many cases, we will train employees on correct loading techniques according to the approved plan.
  4. Testing and Feedback
    Often customers require validation of the load plan. We are happy to assist by sending marked loads that follow the load plan to global destinations. Once we receive feedback on the load conditions, we will reevaluate the load plan if there are issues with any of the test loads

Why Choose Tyoga?

With over 50 years of Tyoga team know-how and an in-depth understanding of intermodal and OTR requirements, our expertise becomes yours. In fact, we are members of the Association of American Railroads (ARR), giving us insight into intermodal transport safety and the importance of supplying AAR-approved products.

Let us troubleshoot and design a cost-effective transit securement plan for you that will minimize freight damage, increase load efficiency, and provide you with a better return on investments. Contact us for your load securement analysis.