Are You Partnered With The Right Corrugated Supplier?

There are over 1,154 corrugated manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, so how do you choose which type of box maker is right for you?

Understanding Corrugated Plants

There are three types of corrugated plants: sheet feeder, corrugator, sheet plant.

  • Sheet feeder – As an independent or integrated plant, this company does not make the finished product—only the corrugated sheets, which it sells to sheet plants.


  • Corrugator plant – This company has a corrugator, a machine used to manufacture corrugated sheets, and converting equipment to make boxes. It starts with containerboard as a raw material, which it turns into corrugated board and then converts that into finished products, such as boxes, trays, and shipping containers.


  • Sheet plant – Not to be confused with a sheet feeder, the sheet plant buys corrugated sheets from a sheet feeder or corrugator and makes boxes.

Corrugated operations can be either integrated or independent.

  • Integrated – As its name says, it has vertically integrated all aspects of the corrugated packaging production: forest, pulp, mill, and box plant. Integrated companies are generally publicly owned and tend to be very large, owning several paper mills, dozens of corrugated plants and may operate sheet feeders and sheet plants, as well. The containerboard they produce and sell may go to their corrugated plants or be sold on the open market.


  • Independent – These are privately owned and purchase raw materials to convert to finished products. They are much smaller than integrated companies and are often family-owned businesses. Independents might own a paper mill and operate one or a few corrugators; however, most are sheet plants.

Tyoga Container is an independent corrugator that has the capacity to meet your needs, large or small.

Which is Right For You?

When it comes to purchasing boxes for your products, you may be wondering if it matters if you choose to partner with an integrated or independent corrugator. Depending on your needs, it will matter.

The large integrated conglomerates create efficiency through high volume. These companies are best for those looking for high volume with little to no customization. They can sometimes offer a lower unit price, but this is often at the expense of customization, consultations, and lead times.

Independents can do short runs and offer more customized services. Total cost savings are often seen through packaging optimization, shorter lead times, quick reaction to unplanned changes, inventory reduction, and problem- solving.


The Tyoga Difference

We are an independent corrugator with over 50 years in the industry. As a part owner in a sheet feeder operation with access to the largest paper mill system in all of North America, we can provide innovative solutions using various liners and mediums. Whether you want packages faster, more colorful, lighter, stronger, cost-effective, or easier to assemble, we can meet your most challenging needs.

  • Right-Sized: We are small enough to be readily accessible but large enough to tackle your biggest challenges. You can have peace of mind knowing you won’t get pushed aside for other customers.


  • Nimble: Full truckload or less than a truckload, unplanned changes in your schedule, inventory management needs – whatever you need, our speed and flexibility can save you time and money.


  • Innovative: We will meet your most extreme needs with proactive solutions that reduce costs, enhance performance, or solve problems.


  • Empowered & Accessible: In a fast-paced business, you don’t have time to wait for answers. Our people are not only accessible but also have the experience to meet your needs quickly

Contact us to get started and experience the Tyoga difference as we help you plan, pack, protect and ship your products.