Advantages of Litho Lamination

Lithographic printing, also called offset printing, is a popular printing technology used for over two centuries, bringing many benefits to the user. In 1798, Alois Senefield invented the chemical printing process to make printing more efficient and cheaper; the process was further developed to become the lithographic printing used today.

Principle of Lithography

Lithography (litho) technology is based on the science of oil and water being immiscible. With litho, the graphic to be printed and the area that is not printed exist on the same plane. The image is transferred onto an aluminum, plastic, or zinc printing plate and is rendered oil receptive. The remaining areas are water receptive and repel oil. This is important because the ink is oil based.

The plates are mounted onto a cylinder that rotates and first contacts a water roller, then the plate comes in contact with the roller coated with ink. Ink will adhere to only the portion that should be printed. The image is not transferred directly to that paper because the paper would get wet. Instead, the inked image is transferred from the plate to a rubber cylinder, called a blanket, which squeezes away the water and picks up the ink. From here, ink is transferred to the substrate.

Why Use Litho Lamination

Litho lamination is when lithography is used to print onto a paper liner board, and the printed liner board is laminated onto a corrugated board. Many brands prefer this printing technique for any number of reasons. Below are just a few.

· The sheet is printed before it is attached to the corrugated fluting, so your packaging graphics will have a smooth surface.

· It can be a full mount or spot label, allowing for different price points and providing versatility

· The blanket is made of soft rubber, which conforms to almost any paper, providing exceptional image clarity and sharpness.

· It is known for photo-quality printing with a full range of colors

· It is a cost-effective print method for large-scale printing.

· It is highly efficient and fast.

· Since graphics aren’t printed directly on the box, the corrugated box can be made in any thickness, so your products will remain protected.

· Litho Laminated packaging is recyclable.

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