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If You Ship By Intermodal

When shipping via Intermodal (aka piggyback or TOFC - trailer on flat car), freight is exposed to extreme and repetitive side to side movement. In addition, freight is shipped over long distances, often from coast to coast. This method of transport demands reliable load securement to ensure products arrive without damage. Tyoga offers a unique line of dunnage products to secure a variety of freight loads during intermodal shipping.

Intermodal loads are regulated by the rail carriers and the Association of American Railroads (AAR), requiring loads be secured with Level 1 air bags and void fillers.  Our air bags meet AAR verification for proper and safe loading.

Tyoga Containers’ Design Team and Transit Protection Managers have designed the industry’s most innovative securement systems and their components.  Our systems are comprised of our own core products:  corrugated fillers and bulkheads, airbags, strapping and friction mats.  Our systems meet  or exceed DOT- Department of Transportation and AAR recommended guidelines.  Here is a list of some of our systems’ core components:

  1. Sunrise Corrugated Dunnage     
    1. Diamond Corr Drop Void Fillers
    2. Saddle-Pak (single unit applications)
    3. Diamond Pak Bulkheads
    4. Match-Book Void Fillers
    5. Wood-Pak Divider Panels
  2. Guardian Airbags with the industry’s fastest and most innovative inflation system
    1. OTR- Over The Road (polywoven, paper, and clear)
    2. AAR Level 1 – Level 5 (polywoven and paper)
    3. AAR Level 1 Square Airbags
  3. Guardian TranStrap and TransLash
    1. Three types of strapping

i.BC-bonded Cording

ii.HBC – Hybrid bonded cording

iii.WC – Woven Cording

  1. Packaging Strapping (1/4” – 1 ¼”)
  2. AAR strapping   (3/4”-1 ¼”)
  3. AAR Lashing (1 ½”-2”)
  1. Guardian Friction Mats
    1. Rubber Mats (Rebonded and masticated)
    2. Non Rubber Mats(PVC coated fabric and fiberboard)
  2. Guardian Pallet Brake and Modular Securement Systems
    1. Pallet Brake (Lateral and Longitudinal)
    2. Modular Securement System (rear and side walls)
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