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Over the Road (OTR) Shipping

Over-the-road (OTR) shipping utilizes the vast network of roads within the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  This network is designed for fast delivery times and can deliver  to any destination.

OTR transit environment has two challenging factors in providing safe and damage free deliveries: 1) evolution of equipment has stretched the length from 45' to 53' in both OTR and domestic intermodal.  Most loads now must stretch the lading to meet the DOT's Bridge Law.  This means single units with excessive large lateral voids on both sides, causing lading to shift and result in leaning trailers/containers.  Additionally most loads can only be loaded up to 48' leaving a large longitudinal void between lading and rear doors.  2) Road geometry:  crowns in road, pot holes, curbs, rough shoulders, etc... all contribute to moderate to severe vertical oscillation and/or lateral movement of lading.

Tyoga Containers' Design Team and Transit Protection Managers have designed the industry's most innovative securement systems and their components.  Our systems are comprised of our own core products:  corrugated fillers and bulkheads, airbags, strapping and friction mats.  Our systems meet  or exceed DOT and AAR recommended guidelines.  Here is a list of some of our systems' core components:

A)     Sunrise Corrugated Dunnage     

a.      Diamond Corr Drop Void Fillers

b.      Saddle-Pak (single unit applications)

c.       Diamond Pak Bulkheads

d.      Match-Book Void Fillers

e.      Wood-Pak Divider Panels

B)      Guardian Airbags with the industry's fastest and most innovative inflation system

a.       OTR (polywoven, paper, and clear)

b.      AAR Level 1 - Level 5 (polywoven and paper)

c.       AAR Level 1 Square Airbags

C)      Guardian TranStrap and TransLash

a.       Packaging Strapping (1/4"- 1 ")

b.       AAR strapping   (3/4"-1 1/4")

c.      AAR Lashing (1 1/2"-2")

D)     Guardian Friction Mats

a.       Rubber Mats

b.      Non Rubber Mats


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