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Receptacle that resembles a truck trailer that is lifted onto flatcars without the chassis. Most containers are 20, 40 or 53 feet in length. 
Materials used to fill space.
Cargo or goods carried by a vehicle.
Full Truck Load. Shipment that fill a container or truck trailer to its maximum capacity, either weight or volume.
Rail Shipping
Shipping that takes place by loading freight onto a boxcar.  Other types of rail shipping include: open top, spine car, creadle car, flatcar, gondola car, etc…
Lifting of intermodal containers or trailers onto intermodal flatcars.
Product term used to describe corrugated dunnage use in product protection of single skids positioned in the center of a trailer, container or rail car.

The track extending out from the main track.

Step down loads
This describes a load where palletized product are uneven in height.  To prevent shifting of lading from the taller pallet onto the shorter pallet, dunnage products are used to fill the void.
Rectangular shaped box with permanent wheels attached.
Time that a unit is in transport from origin to destination.
Void Filler
Materials used to take up space in boxcars, trailers or containers and help prevent load shifting.
Wood-Pak Panel
Created with a layer of our Diamond-Pak, wood, and corrugated sheet goods.  Wood-Pak panels offer an excellent solution for step down loads and for rear securement of heavy lading when combined with lashing or strapping.
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