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A substance capable of adhering one surface to another.
Anilox System
The inking system used in flexo-graphic presses.
A unit that has a band or bands (usually plastic) keeping it together.
various paperboards
Container having closed faces and completely enclosing its contents.
Box Manufacturer
A business that has equipment to score, slot, print and join corrugated sheets into boxes, and that regularly uses that equipment in its production of boxes in commercial quantities.
Box Manufacturer’s Certificate (BMC)
A certificate printed (usually circular) on a corrugated carton guaranteeing that all applicable construction requirements of the carrier classifications have been met.
Box Style
A configuration of the box design, without regard to size. A name or number identifies common styles in use.
Built Up
Multiples layers of corrugated glued together to form a pad of desired thickness, normally used for interior packaging purposes.
Burst Strength/Mullen
The force required to rupture linerboard or combined board, using hydraulic pressure measured by a Mullen tester, which relates indirectly to the box’s ability to withstand external or internal forces and to contain the contents during rough handling. This method cannot be used on triplewall and has limited reliability on doublewall, as it is difficult to force the apparatus through the multiple facings simultaneously.
A folding box made from boxboard and used for consumer quantities of products. A carton is not recognized as a shipping container.
Paperboard generally made from recycled paper stock.
Container Board
The paperboard components used to manufacture corrugated and solid fiberboard. The raw materials used to make containerboard may be virgin cellulose fiber, recycled fiber or a combination of both.
Corrugated Board

The structure formed on a corrugator by gluing one or more sheets of fluted medium to one or more sheets of flat linerboard. There are four common types:

  • Singleface: Combination of one fluted medium glued to one flat sheet of linerboard
  • Singlewall: Two sheets of linerboard, one glued to each side of the fluted medium
  • Doublewall: Three sheets of linerboard, with two interleaved and glued to the corrugated mediums.
  • Triplewall: Four flat sheets of linerboard, with three interleaved and glued to corrugated mediums.
Corrugated Medium
A sheet of corrugating material pressed into the wave flute shapes.
Die Cut
Cutting raw material to a desired shape by using a die.
Three measurements of a box, given in the sequence of length, width and depth. Inside dimensions are used to assure proper fit around the product.
Edge Crush Resistance/Short Column Compression (ECT):
The amount of force needed to cause compressive failure the corrugated board. The primary factor in predicating the compression strength of a completed box.
Flexo Folder Gluer (FFG)
A machine that, in one operation, prints, scores, slots and folds a box and then glues the side seam to complete the manufacture of a box. The boxes are then collected at the end of the FFG and bundled for stacking on a pallet for shipment to the customer.
Flute or Corrugation Direction
The normal direction of flutes is parallel to the depth of the box, so that they are vertical when the box is stacked for shipment.
Flute or Currugation
One of the wave shapes pressed into corrugated medium. ABCE & F are common flute types.
Inner Packing
Materials used to support, position or cushion an item with the box or to fill voids.
Joint (Manufacturer’s Joint)
The part of the box where the ends of the scored and slotted blank are fastened together by taping, stitching or gluing.
Machine that adheres two or more plies of fiberboard. May be used to adhere partial or full labels to facing, or for enhanced strengths.
A corrugated sheet used for extra protection or for separating layers of articles when packed for shipment.
Securing and loading containers on a pallet for shipment as a single unit, usually for handling by mechanical equipment.
A side of the box
Slotted corrugated that interlock when assembled to form a number of cells.
Packaging material that may be processed through a number of treatments in order to be reused.
Regular slotted container (RSC)
A box style manufactured from a single sheet of corrugated board. The sheet is scored and slotted to permit folding. Flaps extending from the side and end panels form the top and bottom of the box. All flaps are the same size from the edge of the sheet to the flap score lines. The two outer flaps (usually the lengthwise flaps) are one-half the container’s width so that they meet at the center of the box when the customer folds them.
A well-defined crease in corrugated made to facilitate folds.
The junction created by any free edge of a container flap where it rests on another portion of the container and to which it may be fastened by tape, stitches or adhesive to close the container.
Stacking Strength
Maximum compressive load a container can bear over a given length of time, under given environmental conditions without failing.
Machine used to seal the joints/seams with metal staples.
Cloth, paper or plastic, sometimes having reinforcement, coated on one side with adhesive and used to seal a joint or flaps
Machine used to apply tape to joint
A sheet scored and folded to a multi-sided form with open ends. Sometimes referred to as a sleeve.
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