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Why use dunnage bags versus other materials?
Dunnage bags are less expensive than other materials such as lumber and nails, and they also reduce labor costs.
What type of equipment is necessary to inflate dunnage bags?
Air compressor, hose, and inflation tool.
What type of dunnage air bag is recommended for truck shipments?
OTR or Level 1 bags.
What size and level bags does Tyoga Container have available?
We stock many sizes and levels of Airbags.  Call us at 800-724-6003 for a quote!
What are dunnage bags?
They are polywoven or paper bags, constructed of level 1, level 2, level 3-4 or heavy - duty fabric with a polyethylene bladder used to restrain loads in rail cars, containers or trucks.
How do I determine what size dunnage bag to use?
First, measure the void between your cargo. Then measure the distance from the floor to the top of the load.
Do dunnage bags require any type of protection?
It is very important to place corrugated material or some other type of smooth surface on either side of the dunnage bag to protect it from rough edges (i.e. wooden crates, pallets, etc.).
Can dunnage bags be damaged during filling?
Bags can burst with over inflation. (Each bag has a label with recommended pressure and filling instructions). Problems will be eliminated by following the installation instructions.
What type of bag is most commonly used for container shipments?
Level 2 bags.
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