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Dunnage Air Bags Information

Cost Effective :
Guardian air bags are reusable in all applications except in rail car shipments. This means less paperwork, no delays, less hassle and lower costs.



Environmentaly Friendly :
Guardian air bags are made of 100 percent recyclable materials.



Secure quality of your products during trasportation :
For your customer's satisfaction, Guardian air bags are recommended to secure the quality of your products during transportation.



Fill a Much Larger Void :
Will expand to fill a much larger void than any paper dunnage airbag. Depending on the manufacturer, paper dunnage air bags can fill a void of  4" to 14"; where Guardian air bags can fill an 4" to 16" void

Fill Large Voids



Take Shape to Odd Configurations:
More flexible than paper dunnage air bags which gives them the advantage to fill up all sorts of empty spaces. They can take shape to odd configurations without damaging the cargo.



Lightweight, Water Proof and Air Tight :
Lightweight and small volume. Perfect for easy delivery and storage. Guardian air bags are waterproof unlike many other paper dunnage bags.



Superior Quality :
Produced with ISO 9001:2008 and 14001 standards and AAR approved.

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