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About Us

Providing our customers a competitive advantage in their respective markets is a primary goal here at Tyoga Container.  We strive to develop strong, long lasting, business to business partnerships that yield real benefits to our customers.  This is achieved through an integrated approach to manufacturing, inventory management and supply chain initiatives aimed at improving your packaging performance, reducing your packaging cost and tightening your supply chain.

We are a company that will not stand still; we have been and will continue to evolve as a competitive manufacturing entity.  The only constant in our strategy is that we will continue to change. Our strategy is to strive for excellence in a number of key areas.

Quality system: In December 2003 we passed our ISO 9001:2008 audit with no non-compliances.  The implementation of our quality system has been an excellent initiative for Tyoga Container.

Manufacturing systems: Over the past 4 years we have invested in new machinery that increases our capabilities, quality, and throughput.  Additionally, we have moved most machines in the plant to incorporate excellent material flow.  These two major initiatives have virtually doubled our plant capacity and at the same time reduce lead-times, reduced waste, reduced direct labor, and increased quality.

Business & Information Systems:  Tyoga Container uses an integrated software system specifically designed for corrugated converters.  It allows us to create specifications, estimate, process factory orders, inventory management, shipping / receiving, and all accounting functions.

Inventory Management:  Tyoga Container doubled the plant size in 1996 to create space to store finished goods for our customers.  This space coupled with the inventory management software module provides a seamless approach for our customers.

Current Manufacturing project:

We just completed the start-up stage for a folder gluer and related equipment.  The major advantage of the folder gluer is to take full advantage of the rotary die cutting equipment.  The integrated approach to printing and die cutting then sending the material to a folder gluer is essential to value added packaging for our customers.

Raw Material Supply Chain project:

Tyoga Container has excellent control over our raw material supply.  We invested in a new corrugator plant located in Hazelton, PA.  That new plant is our raw material Sheet supplier plant (corrugated sheet supplier).  We began receiving our sheets from this plant in February 2003.  The major benefits of this project are better quality board, consistent board combination by grade, reduced lead-times and cost control.

Tyoga Container has the ability and desire to help our customers meet and exceed their goals.  We look forward to helping you be successful.

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